New Classification Lessons Released!

We recently added exciting new lessons to the DreamBox curriculum that help students understand how to classify geometric figures. These lessons expand our existing geometry content in the upper elementary grades and engage students in deeper thinking about attributes and hierarchical relationships. For more information about our pedagogical approach and innovative virtual manipulative for these lessons, click HERE to read a blog post from one of our DreamBox Curriculum Designers.

The new set of Classification lessons empower students to create their own learning experiences while enhancing understanding of one dimensional, two dimensional, and three dimensional figures.

Why did a student’s proficiency for a standard change from Proficient  to In Progress ?

Students who had previously demonstrated proficiency in a standard may now reflect an In Progress status. This change is not a reflection of the student’s performance; it is a result of the addition of new lessons within DreamBox, aligned to a particular standard, that a student will need to complete. While it is our general practice to release content during times when it will have the least impact on student reporting, these lessons will strengthen conceptual understanding and vocabulary with additional rigorous, motivating, and differentiated experiences for these important standards. Likewise, these new lessons provide teachers with expanded curricular options to support differentiated learning and meet the individual needs of all their students.


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