Trouble Printing Reports


We have identified that Mozilla Firefox has an optional printer setting that may prevent the Proficiency and Growth Graph from printing on the Student Overview Report. You will need to enable the printing of background images, styles, and colors by following the instructions below:

1) Open the Firefox menu by clicking the icon in the top-right corner that resembles three horizontal lines ().

2) Click the Print button.

3) Click Page Setup... in the top-left corner ().

4) In the Page Setup window that opens, check the checkbox for "Print Background (colors & images)", found underneath "Options".

5) Click OK and then close the Print Preview window by clicking the in the top-right corner.

6) Return to the Student Overview Report. If you need instructions to find the report, click HERE.

7) Click the Print button () in the top-right corner of the report and use the printer dialogue box that opens to print the report.


Some reports contain more information and graphics than can fit on a single page. This can cause some information to be cut off or to continue on to a second page. While we strive to make the reports on the Insight Dashboard as printer-friendly as possible, page formatting is often largely dependent on your internet browser and printer settings. If you are having difficulty printing a report, please try the following options:

1) Try an alternate internet browser. Some internet browsers use different printer settings that can improve the formatting of a report. Some common internet browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

2) Export the report into a spreadsheet. Most reports on the DreamBox Insight Dashboard can be exported into a CSV spreadsheet. While viewing a report click the Export button () in the top-right corner to download the report as a spreadsheet. You can then print the report from Microsoft Excel or your preferred spreadsheet software.

3) Adjust your printer settings. You can sometimes improve formatting by adjusting the Page Setup or Printer settings on the Print Preview page. Please refer to your internet browser or printer Help menu for specific information.

If the above options do not resolve your issue, please contact our Client Success team at or by calling 1-877-451-7845 ext. 3. We are available to take your call weekdays from 5am to 5pm, Pacific Time.


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