How Can I See If a Student Is Struggling?

The Insight Dashboard allows teachers and parents to determine which students may need extra assistance. Students who are either assessed as struggling or who are falling behind our recommended usage of DreamBox are identified with the following caution symbol:


While viewing a classroom's students on the Navigation Pane, you can hover your cursor over the caution symbol next to a student's name to view the reason they may need attention.

In the example above, Karen completed three out of her last five lessons without demonstrated proficiency. This can indicate that she is struggling with a particular concept. To view the lessons she has recently worked on, click the student's name and view the Activity tab.

The Activity Feed shows a list of all lessons students have worked on over the past 30 days. We can see that Karen has completed the lesson "Selecting Precision and Identifying the Location of a Whole Number to 1000 on a Number Line" over five times, but she has still been unable to complete the lesson with demonstrated understanding. This is a strong indication that she may be struggling with the concept or manipulative.

To help Karen with this lesson, you may want to first try the lesson yourself. Click the Play Lesson button to listen to the lesson prompt and try using the manipulative to work through the lesson. When helping the student, it is important that you do not solve the problems for her, but that you guide her through how to think through the problems. Because DreamBox is adaptive, completing lessons for the student would cause the program to move her forward in the curriculum when she may not be ready.


You can view which students may need attention on specific standards using the Classroom Standards Report. To open the Classroom Standards Report, select a classroom name from the Navigation Pane, view the Classroom tab, and use the drop-down menu to select the grade level and Grid View.

Note: The standard codes on this report are based on your selected regional Academic Standard. For steps to change your Academic Standard, click HERE.

In the example above, we can see that Karen may be having difficulty in the standards 4.NBT.A.1 and 4.NBT.A.3. For a description of these standards, hover your cursor over the standard codes.

After determining what Karen needs additional assistance in, you may want to assign the her lessons for the standard. Click the AssignFocus™ calendar icon  to open the standard in the AssignFocus tab. Select the student(s) you wish to create the assignment for and click Add Assignment to assign two lessons in the chosen standard. The student will see the AssignFocus™ calendar icon highlighting the lessons they should focus on as they use DreamBox. For more information on AssignFocus™, click HERE.


The Student Overview Report contains thorough and illustrated information on an individual student's usage and progress, including areas in which the student may need attention.

The section of the report labeled What is my student currently working on? provides a full list of lesson groups that the selected student has worked on in DreamBox over the past 30 days, starting with the lesson groups they may be struggling with.

The Student Overview Report can be a great way to discuss with parents how they can help their student. By pointing out the areas that a student is struggling in and using the Play Demo button to walk through the lesson, parents can learn how to help students understand the math concepts.

The Student Overview Report can be printed and shared with parents for parent-teacher conferences or during regular benchmarks. For more information on the report, click HERE.


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