Fall Math Challenge 2016 Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I need to register my classroom?

Classrooms do need to be registered in order to compete! To do so, you can go to our signup page here and enter the teacher email address you use to sign in to your DreamBox account. This will register all the active classrooms associated with your account for the contest.

What are the dates of the challenge?

The challenge runs from October 24th, 2016 to November 11th, 2016, but you can sign up even after the official start date! Results will be counted from the beginning of the contest, and Regional and National winners will be announced on November 15th!

How do we compete in the contest?
It’s easy- all you need to do is have your students play as many lessons as they can! At the end of the contest, awards will go to the classroom with the highest total lessons completed throughout the entire duration of the contest. In the event of a tie, we will extend the time period (of only the tied classrooms) to include classroom usage by one week increments prior to the contest until there is no longer a tie.

National grand prizes will be awarded to two classrooms with the highest number of lessons completed out of all DreamBox Learning customers during the term of the contest. The National Grand Prize winner will not be eligible for the regional prizes. In the region where the grand prize winner is located, the second place winner will be recognized as regional winner.

How can I check my classroom standings?

Visit the teacher hub here for the ‘Numbers to Beat’ of the leading classroom’s usage. Don’t worry - no identifiable information is made public.

To see how many lessons your students have completed, log in to your Teacher Dashboard and go to the Classroom Overview tab. Set your custom reporting date range from October 24th to the current date and you will see how many lessons each student has completed in the Lessons column. You can sum the total manually, or you can export this report into Excel. In Excel, you will want to sum the Lessons Completed column (ex: use this formula =sum(D2:D:30) )

This year, the contest is divided between returning DreamBox users and schools/districts who are new to DreamBox in 2016.

Compare this number with the overall number for either Returning or New contestants, as well as the overall number for your region to see how your students are doing! The statistics will be updated weekly, so be sure to check back for new info.

What are the regions we are competing in?

  • Canada
  • Northeast (ME, NJ, VT, MA, RI, CT, DE, MD, WV, PA, OH, IN, MI, NH, District of Columbia)
  • Southeast (FL, NC, SC, GA, TN, MS, AL, LA, KY, VA), Central (TX, AR, OK, IL, MO, IA, WI, MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK)
  • Mountain (NM, AZ, CO, UT, ID, WY, MT)
  • Pacific (WA, OR, CA, NV, AK, HI)

Are Paid Pilot users eligible to win?

Yes, Paid Pilot users are eligible to win in the weekly drawings. However, only customers with a 12-month (plus) license are eligible for the Grand Prizes.

Are Free Trial users eligible to win?

Unfortunately, Free Trial users are not eligible to win any prizes.

Is there any more information available?

Check out our contest kick-off webinar here, or call our support line at 1 (877) 451-7845 ext. 3 and ask for more information; we will be glad to help!


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