Possible Errors When Uploading Files (Insight Roster Uploads)

For general information on Insight Roster Uploads, click HERE.

You may see error messages that prevent you from uploading an Insight Roster Upload spreadsheet. You will need to fix any errors before uploading the file once more. Some examples you may see are:

  • You do not have permission to edit this school.

If the school name in the CSV file is different than the name that appears in your administrator dashboard, the upload will fail with this error. Double-check the school name in your dashboard and ensure you type the exact same name and spelling in the CSV file.

  • Row X is missing a gender. / Row X contains an invalid gender - valid values are f, m, female or male.

The gender cell in a row is either blank or contains a value that is not supported. Check to make sure f, m, female, or male is in the row.

  • Row X references a student number for the second time but with conflicting data for that student.

Check to see if the same student ID number is being used for multiple students or if the same student is listed twice with conflicting information. Every student ID must be unique.

  • Row X is missing a student number.

Every student must have a student ID number.

  • Row X is missing a teacher email address. / Row X contains an invalid teacher email address.

Either a teacher's email address is missing or it was not entered properly.

  • Row X is missing a grade. / Row X contains an invalid grade - valid values are prek, kindergarten, k, any number from -1 through 13 or adult.

Every student must have a grade level entered. It must match the values of prek, kindergarten, k, any number from -1 through 13, or adult. -1 indicates Pre-K and 0 indicates Kindergarten.

  • Row X is missing a first name. / Row X is missing a last name.

Students must have both a first and last name entered into the spreadsheet.

  • Row X is missing a school name.

A school name must be entered in every row.

For all errors, refer to the specified row and compare with other rows to ensure the correct information has been entered. After reviewing the data and saving the changes, start a new upload to send the files to DreamBox.

If you continue to have difficulty uploading your rosters, please contact us via email at support@dreambox.com or by phone at 1 (877) 451-7845 ext. 3. We are available Monday through Friday from 5AM to 5PM, PT.


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