Review Your School's or District's Licenses

As a district administrator, you can review the number of licenses being used across all schools in your district from the Insight Dashboard.

As a school administrator, you can review the number of licenses being used at your school from the Insight Dashboard.


District License Report

To review the License Report, click the Licenses tab while viewing the district (only available to district administrators) or while viewing a specific school.

At the top of the report, you will find the total number of students using licenses and the total number of classes using licenses at the selected school or district. If you have purchased Seat Licenses, you will also see the total number of Seat Licenses purchased, used, and available.

The table is organized by License Group. For example, a district may buy a certain number of licenses for their Elementary Schools and a different number for their Middle Schools, so the licenses will be grouped by those labels. (If your license groups are confusingly labeled, please do not hesitate to contact us.) Click the drop-down arrow on the far-right of the table to expand the license group and view the individual schools (for district-level view) or classrooms (for school-level view) using licenses. From the district-level view, you can click a school name to view the specific License Report for that school.

The License Type column displays what kind of license is being used in each license group as well as the number of Seat Licenses designated for each license group ("Site", "Trial", or "x Seats"). In the example above, the district has Seat Licenses, Trial Licenses, and a Site License.

The Classrooms column tallies the number of classrooms currently using licenses in each license group and school.

The Used column tallies the total number of licenses being used by students in each license group and school.

The Available column counts the number of Seat Licenses still available for the license group. In the example above, 420 students are using the 420 purchased Seat Licenses, so there are 0 Available licenses.

You may see an asterisk (*) next to the number of Used licenses. This indicates that some students in the license group are part of more than one school. Because a student will only ever use one license but can be enrolled in more than one school, their license will be counted in multiple schools but will only be counted once in the total number of licenses used in the license group.

If the Available Seat Licenses reads OVER LIMIT, then the license group has used up more licenses than purchased. Please contact your DreamBox account manager if you need to expand your licenses or transfer seats between license groups. You may also deactivate students who should not be using a license. For instructions on activating and deactivating students, click HERE.

For any additional questions about the License Report, please email Client Success at or call us at 1-877-451-7845 ext. 3. We are available Monday through Friday from 5am to 5pm, Pacific Time.


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