How to Edit a Classroom Name and Details

Teachers and administrators can edit a classroom's name, grade level, and assigned teachers through the Insight Dashboard.


1) Select a classroom from the Navigation Pane.

2) Click the Edit button  in the Summary Pane.

3) Select the Settings tab in the Reports Pane.

  • To edit the classroom name, click the line under Name and type the new name the classroom should have. Each classroom in a school must have a unique name.
  • To change the grade level of the classroom, click the drop-down menu below Grade Level. This only changes the classroom's grade classification; it does not alter the students' grade levels.
  • You can view the list of teachers currently assigned to the classroom under Teachers. Click the trashcan icon next to a teacher to remove them from the classroom. Each classroom must have at least one teacher attached.
  • To add a teacher to a classroom, use the Select a school and Select an educator drop-down menus to locate the teacher, then click Add.

Click the green Save button to save your changes and click Exit to return to the Classroom Overview page.


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