How to Add a New Teacher or Administrator

District and School Administrators can add new teachers or administrators to a school through the Insight Dashboard. If the teacher already exists in the district because they have been added to DreamBox in the past, you can assign them to a classroom by following the steps listed HERE.


1) With a school selected from the Navigation Pane, click the Edit button .

2) Open the Add New tab and fill out the required fields.

3) Use the Role drop-down menu to select whether the new educator is a Teacher, School Administrator, or District Administrator. A teacher has access to only their information and classrooms. A School Administrator has access to the school's information, all teachers, and all classrooms. A District Administrator has access to all schools, teachers, and classrooms in the district.

4) Select a classroom that the educator will be assigned to. This is necessary whether the educator is a teacher or an administrator. Note that if an administrator is assigned to a single classroom, they will still have access to all other classrooms in the school or district.

5) Click the Add button  at the bottom to add the educator to the selected classroom. You can add a teacher to multiple classrooms.

6) Click the green Add button  in the top-right to finalize the creation of the new educator. Click Exit to return to the school report view.

Note: If you receive an error that the "Email address is already in use", this indicates that the educator already exists in DreamBox. You can add them to a classroom by following the steps listed HERE. If you need to give an existing teacher access to School Administrator or District Administrator privileges, please contact Client Success at with the teacher's name, email address, and the type of administrator access needed.

Because you are creating a brand new user, they will need to set up their password the first time they log in. New teachers or administrators should visit and click Educator where it asks, "Forgot your password?" They will then enter their email address and follow the instructions in the email that they receive in order to set their password.

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