How to Adjust the Student Learning Environment

DreamBox offers one of three interfaces, or Learning Environments, to students of different grade levels. For more information on the different Learning Environments, click HERE.

If a student in Grade 3 or higher has not yet entered the 3-5 Environment, teachers can manually move them through the Insight Dashboard. The new environment only changes the student's interface, not the lesson content. This means students will still have access to lessons in the K-2 curriculum.

Important! Read before moving your students: Once students enter the 3-5 Environment, they will no longer have access to the K-2 storylines and certificates. We recommend printing out all of the certificates the student may want to keep. This will need to be done from within the student’s account, before changing the environment settings.  Once this change is made, it cannot be reversed.


1) While viewing a Classroom in the Insight Dashboard, click the Edit button .

2) Select the Learning Environment tab from the Reports Pane.

3) You will see a list of students who are working in the K-2 Environment and their grade levels. Select the checkboxes of the students whose environment you wish to change.

4) Click Update Environment. A confirmation window will appear. Confirm that you want to make the permanent change and select, Yes, Save.

5) Select the Exit button in the upper-right corner to return to the Classroom report view.


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