Insight Dashboard Reporting - Activity Feed

In addition to usage and progress data, the Insight Dashboard allows educators to track every lesson their students have recently played. Activity Feeds at both a classroom and student level provide actionable information on the standards that students are working on and their success at completing specific lessons.


With a classroom selected from the Navigation Pane, click the Activity tab to view the full classroom's DreamBox activity over the last 30 days.

The Classroom Activity Feed is separated into two columns. On the left is a list of Activity Cards that correspond to the lessons students worked on, organized from most recent to oldest. An Activity Card is recorded every time a student completes a lesson or exits a lesson early. The name of the student who worked on the lesson is specified above each card. See below how to read the Activity Cards.

The right column provides an overall look at which Lesson Groups your students are working on. It is organized by the most frequently played Lesson Group over the last 30 days. By default, it does not include assignments that were made with AssignFocus™, but you can toggle showing assignments by clicking the "AssignFocus" checkbox near the top. The Lesson Groups can also be grouped by the standards domain they belong to by clicking the "Domain" checkbox. To view the names of students working in the standard and play a sample of the lessons they're working on, click the expand/collapse arrow next to each lesson title.


Select an individual student from the Navigation Pane and click the Activity tab to see all of a student's DreamBox activity over the last 30 days.

The left column displays the student's activity organized from their most recent lesson attempted to their oldest. Each Activity Card provides insight into how well the student understood the lesson. See below how to read the Activity Cards.

The right column shows you a list of the Lesson Groups a student has recently worked on, organized by standards domain. Click "more" next to any Lesson Group name to see a description of the lesson and click Play Lesson to try the lesson.


Activity Cards can offer important clues about student learning to help you aid their work in DreamBox. Here are some details on the information contained on Activity Cards.

This activity card appears when a student has met a standard by demonstrating proficiency in the lesson groups associated with the standard. This is a great milestone to celebrate with students!

The picture on each Activity Card is representative of the lesson and is similar to the image a student sees when they choose the lesson in DreamBox. Click the Play Lesson button to try the same lesson that the student played. Please note that the numbers used in problems in the lesson may be different, as the same numbers are not always generated.

If the picture on an Activity Card looks like multiple images stacked together, it represents an entire Lesson Group. Each Lesson Group contains several lessons. In order to complete a Lesson Group with Demonstrated Understanding, a student must demonstrate proficiency in all content contained in the Lesson Group. Depending on how well they complete lessons, one student may not need to play every lesson in a group to demonstrate proficiency while another student may need to play each lesson multiple times. (View more information on how DreamBox adapts to each student HERE.) Click the Play Demo button to try a sample lesson within the Lesson Group.

Beneath each Activity Card title is a description of how the lesson was ended. It may read Lesson Completed with Demonstrated UnderstandingLesson Completed with No Demonstrated Understanding, Student May Need Attention on Lesson, or Lesson Paused. The message also specifies whether a full Lesson Group was completed or if the lesson was assigned.

A green checkmark in the top-right corner of an Activity Card acts as an at-a-glance indicator that the student completed the lesson with Demonstrated Understanding. Beneath the checkmark you can see the number of times a student has played the same lesson.

A checkmark inside a green ribbon in the top-right corner of an Activity Card indicates that a full Lesson Group has been completed with Demonstrated Understanding.

A grey checkmark indicates that the lesson was completed without Demonstrated Understanding. The student may be presented with the lesson again or a lesson that better meets their learning needs. They may also receive lower-level lessons to fill in any gaps in their comprehension. Beneath the checkmark is the number of times a student has played the same lesson.

A grey pause icon in the top-right corner of an Activity Card indicates that a lesson was terminated before being completed. The student may have exited the lesson or closed DreamBox in the middle of the lesson and will need to complete the lesson the next time they select it from their Lesson Chooser screen.

A blue calendar icon on the Activity Card indicates that the lesson was assigned to the student through the AssignFocus tool.

Activity Cards include the amount of time a student spent on the lesson. This information can help identify a student's areas of potential improvement.

Click View Progress or the Academic Standard codes in the bottom-right corner of an Activity Card to jump to the student's Standards Report for the associated domain.

Click View Letter in the bottom-right corner of an Activity Card to open a printable letter that can be shared with parents. Letters are generated when students reach certain milestones, such as completing a lesson group. The letter celebrates the student's success and explains the math skills they have mastered.
Note: Not all milestones and lesson groups include a letter at this time.


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