New Reporting: Standards Met and Progressed In

In our continuing effort to provide actionable reporting data for educators on the Insight Dashboard, we have introduced a new, intuitive way of viewing student comprehension and growth in local and Common Core standards. These statistics provide a more comprehensive summary of DreamBox's impact on your students' learning.

Note: This data is dependent on the selected Academic Standard. For information on how to switch Academic Standards, click HERE.

Note: School and district administrators will still be able to view the percentage of Growth across schools and classrooms.


Standards Met data tracks the number of standards in which students have demonstrated understanding over a selected time frame.

In order to meet a standard, a student must demonstrate understanding across enough lessons aligned to that standard to show evidence of proficiency.

You can view the Average Standards Met over the current school year for all students in a classroom or school in the Summary Pane at the top of the Insight Dashboard. Numbers can vary depending on the standard selected, but in order to progress the equivalent of about one grade level during the school year, we generally recommend a goal of 1-3 Standards Met each month. Other factors that affect the rate of growth are the grade levels of the students, the grade level of the standards, the complexity of the standards, the students' DreamBox usage time, the students' pace of learning, and the students' self-directed learning paths.


Standards Progressed In data tracks the number of standards in which students have made any progress over a selected time frame.

In order to progress in a standard, a student must complete at least one lesson with demonstrated understanding. Note that the number of Standards Progressed In does not include the number of Standards Met. Once a student has shown evidence of comprehension over an entire standard, the standard will be counted in the Standards Met data.


Proficiency data is now displayed as the number of standards a student has completed per grade level out of the total number of standards DreamBox supports in that grade level. For example, a student may be proficient in 18 out of 20 Grade 3 standards and 10 out of 24 Grade 4 standards. Because DreamBox is adaptive and non-linear, students can work on standards across multiple grade levels simultaneously.

Note that proficiency data is based on a student's total DreamBox usage. It is not restricted to newly met standards over a selected time frame like Standards Met and Standards Progressed In data is.

You may notice that the total standards in a grade level in DreamBox does not match the total standards in your local or Common Core objectives. While DreamBox aligns to many standards and prioritizes essential concepts, it does not currently support all standards.

This new data can be viewed across reports in the Insight Dashboard. For more information on Insight Dashboard reporting, please follow the links below:

District/School Level Reports

Teacher Level Reports

Classroom Level Reports

Student Level Reports



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