Dashboard Toolbar - How to Navigate the Insight Dashboard

The Dashboard Toolbar is located at the top of the Insight Dashboard and is used to access help information and account settings.

DRAWER ICON  (school teachers and administrators only)

School teachers and administrators will see a drawer icon (three stacked horizontal lines) on the left-side of the Dashboard Toolbar. Clicking this icon opens and collapses the Navigation Pane. Parents and home subscribers will not see this icon because they do not have need for a Navigation Pane.


The Support link is a shortcut to the homepage of our fully searchable support site (https://support.dreambox.com/hc/en-us). If you have a question about DreamBox or the Insight Dashboard, be sure to check our support site for the answer.


The Resource HUBs link takes you to a webpage with helpful tools and information for your role in your students' learning.

QUICK START (school teachers and administrators only)

This link is only available to school teachers and administrators. Clicking QUICK START will bring you to a webpage that walks you through each stage of preparing, introducing, and implementing DreamBox in the classroom.

SEND FEEDBACK (home subscribers only)

This link is only available to home subscribers. It allows subscribers to submit comments, concerns, and bugs they may have encountered directly to DreamBox. We appreciate feedback from all of our users.


The profile icon in the top-right corner of the Insight Dashboard is a drop-down menu. From here, you can enable or disable Help Mode or Log Out. Home subscribers also have the option to open their Account Settings, where they can make changes to their subscription information.


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