Understanding the Student Learning Environments

DreamBox offers three distinct student engagement interfaces, or Learning Environments.  Kindergarten through 2nd Grade students generally work in the K-2 Environment, 3rd through 5th Grade students work in the 3-5 Environment, and students in 6th Grade and higher work in the 6-8 Environment. All three environments offer students an engaging experience that motivates them to progress through the lesson content.

No matter which environment the student is working in, the lesson content is not affected. The environment only affects the way lessons are presented to the student.


The Grades K-2 Learning Environment

The Grades 3-5 Learning Environment

The Grades 6-8 Learning Environment

How Students Navigate the Grades K-2 Learning Environment

How Students Navigate the Grades 3+ Learning Environments

Moving from the K-2 to the 3-5 Learning Environment




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