How to View the School DreamBox URL/Login Code and Print the Parent Invitation Letter

You can view your school's DreamBox URL address (for logging into DreamBox on a computer) and your school's login code (for logging into DreamBox on an iPad) directly on your Insight Dashboard.

Your Insight Dashboard also contains an informative printable letter for parents that introduces them to the product and contains instructions for how they will log their student in at home.

If your school or district uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) website to access DreamBox, you will want to direct parents to that website instead of the DreamBox URL provided in the Insight Dashboard. Be sure to print or send the parent invitation letter for SSO users in this case.

To locate the login information and parent invitation letter:

  1. Select a school or classroom name from the Navigation Pane on the left side of the Insight Dashboard. For more information on the Navigation Pane, click HERE.
  2. Click on the DreamBox Access Resources link in the Summary Pane toward the top of the dashboard. You will see a pop-up box that lists your DreamBox URL and school code. Below these, you will find printable letters for parents in both English and Spanish.


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