How to Access Your Home Account via iPad


The full DreamBox Learning experience is available for iPad with our DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue apps. You can download both apps for free from the App Store.

1) On your iPad, tap the App Store icon  to open the App Store.

2) Type "dreambox math" into the Search field and tap the Search icon or Done. The store displays two DreamBox Math app icons: a green icon and a blue icon. You will need to install both the DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue apps.

3) If this is the first time you have downloaded the apps, tap Free. If you are updating the apps, tap Update. The apps will download or update.


After you have downloaded both apps, the next step is to sign in with your email and password. Tap either DreamBox Math app to launch DreamBox. From the welcome screen, tap the PARENT (1) button to start setting up access.


Log in with your email address and password. You will be presented with a list of your active students. Tap the student you want to start playing.

Have the student select their picture password, and DreamBox Learning will begin.

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