Summary Pane - How to Navigate the Insight Dashboard

The Summary Pane is the light-blue area near the top of the Insight Dashboard, just below the Dashboard Toolbar.

The Summary Pane provides an overview of the object (School District/Board, School, Teacher, Classroom, or Student) that you have selected from the Navigation Pane.


The Summary Pane includes an at-a-glance indicator of the selected object's DreamBox usage. A green Doing Great beside their name indicates that the student, classroom, teacher, or school is using DreamBox beyond our recommended weekly usage. An orange Low Usage appears when the object is using DreamBox less than recommended. If there is no indicator, then the student, classroom, teacher, or school is using DreamBox as recommended.


Click the Edit button to bring up adjustable information for the selected object. You will make these edits in the Reports Pane.


When viewing a school or classroom, click DreamBox Access Resources to open a box with the school code (for iPad login), the school URL (for computer login), and printable invitation letters for parents in both English and Spanish. For more information, click HERE.


The Summary Pane shows the current academic standard that the Insight Dashboard is using for reports. DreamBox Learning Units is the default academic standard, but we also align our lessons with Common Core and several local standards. Click the current academic standard to change it. For more information, click HERE.


At the far-right of the Summary Pane, you will see the Total Lessons Completed and the Average Standards Met for the student, teacher, classroom, or school over the current school year.

Note: Some administrators will also see a Growth Percentage that is related to the Standards Met over the current school year.


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