Why Does My Student Keep Getting the Same Lesson Over and Over?

There may be several reasons for repetitive lessons. Lessons come in groups, with each successive lesson being more complex than the previous. While they may look and feel the same, each progressive lesson will offer more challenging questions or offer less assistance to find the solution. The student should continue completing the lessons to make it through the full lesson group. Once they demonstrate the proficiency DreamBox is looking for, they will stop receiving lessons in that group unless their future performance suggests they need to reinforce the concepts.

A student can complete a lesson without demonstrating proficiency and understanding of the math. If this is the case, DreamBox will present the lesson to the student again, or may present an easier version of the lesson. As above, the student should keep trying their best each time they take the lesson.

It is important that the student fully completes every lesson they start. If they close out of the lesson, the internet browser, or the iPad app before completing it, they will need to restart the lesson from the beginning the next time they select it.

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