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If your entire school or several schools in your district will be using DreamBox, we recommend choosing one of our two automated options: DreamBox Automated Roster Management (ARM) or Clever. DreamBox ARM automates the secure transfer of student rosters between your Student Information System (SIS) and DreamBox via a single file, or two file format, to our SFTP site. In the single file format, Schools, classrooms, teachers, and students will all be listed together in one file and can be organized by object type or by school. This service is offered at no extra cost to you.

DreamBox ARM allows your district to automate the way you share classroom roster data with DreamBox. You can share the file(s) daily, weekly, or as needed. When you share and update rosters this way, teachers will see roster updates inside DreamBox within 1 business day. A team of DreamBox Client Success agents will review and process district updates on a daily basis, adding an additional level of data validation. If an update appears to be out of the ordinary for your district, we will reach out directly to your IT team.

The file(s) being shared must contain all information you would like to share with DreamBox with each upload. If information is missing from the upload, DreamBox will reflect this change and remove memberships or objects until that information is shared again in a following file upload. Any updates to existing roster information will be added on top of the existing data being shared.

If you are ready to get started with DreamBox ARM, please follow the directions below to prepare and share your roster information. Please coordinate with your district IT team to do the following:

1) Reach out to DreamBox Learning Client Success to confirm you would like to set up and update classrooms using DreamBox ARM. You can contact Client Success via email at support@dreambox.com or by phone at 1 (877) 451-7845 ext. 3. We are available Monday through Friday from 5AM to 5PM, PT. DreamBox Client Success will prepare to receive your district's CSV file(s) via our SFTP and share the SFTP address and credentials with your team.

2) Prepare and export your initial CSV file(s). Click HERE for more information about configuring your single CSV file. Click HERE for more information about configuring your CSV files for the two-file format.


The single file must contain all schools, classrooms, teachers, and students using DreamBox. Two common ways of compiling this information are to:

Organize the file by object type:

    • Add all school objects in the first rows
    • Add a row for each classroom
    • Add a row for each teacher
    • Add a row for each student

Or organize the file by school:

    • Add a row for one school
    • Add a row for each classroom at that one school
    • Add a row for each teacher at that one school
    • Add a row for each student at that one school
    • Then continue on with the next school

The two-file format must also contain all schools, classrooms, teachers, and students using DreamBox. Details on completing these forms can be found on our Two-File ARM CSV Instructions article.

3) The Client Success team will review your data and reach out to you if we have any questions prior to pulling the data into DreamBox.

4) Client Success will reach out when your data is ready to review in DreamBox. Please notify all IT and curriculum stakeholders to review the rosters in DreamBox and make sure it is ready for teachers and students.

5) If the rosters need no additional adjustments and you are not using DreamBox Single Sign-On, Client Success will email all teachers and administrators an invitation to log in and view their DreamBox accounts. You will receive an email from our team when this process is complete. 

Please plan for this entire process to take up to 3-5 business days. If you have any questions, please contact Client Success via email or phone.


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