How Do I Load Rosters in to DreamBox?

There are several ways to set up classrooms and classroom rosters in DreamBox.

If your entire school or several schools in your district will be using DreamBox, we recommend choosing one of our two automated options. Automated Roster Management (ARM) allows your district to automate the way you share classroom roster data with DreamBox. You can share the files daily, weekly, or as needed. When you share and update rosters this way, teachers will see roster updates inside DreamBox within 1 business day. A team of DreamBox Client Success agents reviews and processes district updates on a daily basis, adding an additional level of data validation. If an update appears to be out of the ordinary for your district, we will reach out directly to your IT. If you are interested in exploring single sign-on options, you will need to use one of the automated roster management options to set up your rosters.

There are two ways to update rosters automatically in DreamBox:

1) DreamBox Automated Roster Management (ARM)
With DreamBox ARM, your district sends roster data in a CSV file directly to DreamBox through Secure FTP upload. The roster data is ingested into our provisioning system and our Client Success team reviews and processes the updates.

Click HERE to learn more about how to start sharing rosters using DreamBox ARM.

2) Clever Automated Roster Management
Clever is a secure, FERPA-compliant, 3rd-party database that can integrate with select student information systems and accepts files through Secure FTP upload. Clever allows you to share some roster data with DreamBox and share additional roster data with different applications. DreamBox integrates with Clever to pull roster data into our provisioning system, where it is reviewed by our Client Success team prior to processing any changes.

Click HERE to learn more about how to set up a Clever account and start sharing rosters. 


In addition to our Automated Roster Management options, you can also load your rosters using the Insight Roster Upload tool in your dashboard. While our ARM options allows for automatic updates from your SIS to the classroom rosters, Insight Roster Upload will create your rosters but you will manage them using the tools in your dashboard. After your initial files are processed, your DreamBox rosters will not update unless you and your team make the changes yourselves. If you need to create additional classrooms, the Client Success team will be happy to help. Insight Roster Uploads and manual management are good options for purchasing individual seats within a single school, creating specialty classrooms that do not exist in your SIS system, or creating teacher accounts and empty classrooms to which you can manually create and add students as needed.

There are two ways to manage rosters using a one-time upload in DreamBox:

1) Teacher, Student, and Classroom Creation 
Your school prepares and uploads CSV spreadsheets through a DreamBox administrative dashboard. The files contain teacher, student, and roster information. Our Client Success team reviews the spreadsheets and processes the data. 

2) Classroom and Teacher Creation 

Your school prepares and uploads CSV spreadsheets through your administrator dashboard. The files contiain teachers and empty classrooms. Our Client Success team reviews the spreadsheets and processes the data. When you know which students will use DreamBox or if the students need to be moved, you create students and add them to classrooms using your Insight Dashboard tools.

Click HERE to learn more about how to prepare and send student and teacher spreadsheets for Insight Roster Upload.

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