Updated iPad Apps Now Available (version 5.0)

An important update to DreamBox Math iPad app is now available. As a result of our continuous expansion math content, our original app exceeds the Apple app size limit. Now when you update, a prompt to install two apps will appear - DreamBox Math Blue and DreamBox Math Green. To ensure that students playing DreamBox Math continue to benefit from the full DreamBox experience, be sure to update by installing both apps by June 30th, 2016. After this date, we will no longer support versions earlier than 5.0.


  1. Go to the iPad App Store
  2. Search for "DreamBox Math"
  3. Tap Update on the green-colored icon to update your current DreamBox Math app to DreamBox Math Green

  4. Tap Free on the blue-colored icon to download the companion app, DreamBox Math Blue

  5. For more detailed information on how to update and download our DreamBox Math iPad apps, click HERE
The update should run smoothly, but if you need assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Client Success by email at support@dreambox.com or call toll-free at 1 (877) 451-7845.

1) Why are we splitting the DreamBox Math app into two apps?
To fit our large variety of math lessons and allow for more rapid release of content, we are splitting the DreamBox Math app into DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue.

2) What is the difference between DreamBox Green and DreamBox Blue?
DreamBox Green contains instructional content for grades K-5. DreamBox Blue contains instructional content for grades 5-8.  We recommend installing both apps because students may see content spanning multiple grade levels. For example, you may have a student in Grade 4 who is ready to tackle content that appears in Grade 6. When this happens, the student will seamlessly switch to the companion DreamBox Blue app. Likewise, a Grade 7 student may need to review concepts as far back as Grade 4. If one of the apps has not been installed, then students will not be able to proceed to the lessons in the missing app.

3. Will my students have to log in and out of each app?
Switching from one DreamBox Math app to the other will be seamless so that students do not have to log in separately.

4. My iPad app is set to automatically update. Is any action required on my part?
Yes. Your current DreamBox Math app will automatically update to DreamBox Math Green, but you will still need to visit the App Store to download the DreamBox Math Blue app.

5. Will my student’s data be affected?
There will be no impact on a student's data or progress. Your experience as a teacher will also not change. Regardless of which app a student is using, their usage data will still be collected in the Insight Dashboard.


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