Getting Students Started with DreamBox

Click the image above to watch video instruction on setting up student access


The first time you log in to DreamBox, be sure to take steps to review your classroom roster and settings. The links below will provide detailed information on each step.

  • Review each student's Grade and Initial Placement Level. Please make sure that you adjust the Initial Placement Level as necessary for any new student before the student logs in for the first time. If a returning student's Initial Placement Level is incorrect, please contact DreamBox Client Success so we can help you reset it. See support article
  • Adjust each student's language setting as necessary. Students can play DreamBox in English or Spanish. See support article


Make sure the school URL is saved as a bookmark on all computers the students will use. If you are using iPads, make sure the DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue apps have been downloaded and the school code entered on each iPad. Your school URL and iPad code can be found by clicking on the DreamBox Access Resources link in the Summary Pane on the Insight Dashboard. Your school URL and code should be the same for all teachers and classrooms at your school. If they are not, please contact DreamBox Client Success.

For video instruction on locating the URL and iPad code, click HERE.

To open additional tips for preparing computers, click HERE. For iPads, click HERE.


Familiarize yourself with the login process before you show students how to log in. To see what students will see when they sign in from a computer or an iPad, sign in to your DreamBox dashboard on a computer and follow the directions below.

For detailed computer login instructions, click HERE.

For detailed iPad login instructions, click HERE.

1) Visit the URL in the DreamBox Access Resources or log in through the process designated by your school or district. Single Sign-On (SSO) or Instant Login users can launch the DreamBox application from their portal without further identification.

2) Your DreamBox school page opens in a new tab. The DreamBox school page is the page students will see when they first log in. The page looks identical on a computer or the iPad app.

3) To practice the login process, note the username and password of one student, then open the DreamBox school page. You can view all students' usernames and passwords in the Insight Dashboard. For more information, click HERE.

  • If all classrooms in your school are set to Text Password, you will see the student Username and Password fields and teacher/parent Email and Password fields. Students will enter their username and password.
  • If at least one classroom at your school is set to Picture Password, you will see teacher/parent Email and Password fields at the top of the page and classroom icons underneath them. Students will select their classroom name. If their classroom is set to Text Password, they will then enter their username and password. If their classroom is set to Picture Password, they will instead select their name and choose their picture password.  

4) Walk through the login process for the selected student. Make note of anything that could be confusing to your students when they sign in so you can guide them through the process as smoothly as possible. 

For additional tips, and recommended usage, please see our Quick Start Guide.



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