Insight Dashboard Reporting - District/School Level Reports


This report provides a snapshot of progress and performance across grade levels within a school. Select a card to drill into more detailed information about how teachers are using DreamBox Learning Math and the growth their students are experiencing.


These cards provide quick, actionable information organized by schools within the district or grade levels within the school, depending which object you have selected from the Navigation Pane. Each card displays the average minutes of DreamBox usage per week, lessons completed per week, the average percentage of daily active students, the average number of new standards met per student, and the average percentage of growth made by students. These numbers are based on all active students across the entire district or school and are strongly influenced by the date range selected. A student is considered active when they use DreamBox for at least 15 minutes per week. For more focused data, select a teacher, classroom, or student from the Navigation Pane.

Note that the cards include all students in the school or grade level, so if there is a split classroom of 1st and 2nd Grade students, for example, the 1st Grade students will be tallied in a different card than the 2nd Grade students.


Using the date drop-down menu, you can choose to view data from Today, the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, a Custom date range, or from the Current School Year.


When a school is selected from the Navigation Pane, this report displays the data averages across all teachers' classrooms. 

When a district is selected from the Navigation Pane, this report displays data across all schools in the district.


Hover your cursor over a bar on the chart to view the precise data. The chart displayed is directly linked to the table below. When you select a column header from the table, the chart will update to show you the appropriate data.


This table displays key usage and growth metrics for each teacher or school over the selected date range. By default, the teacher or school names are organized alphabetically, but clicking the column headings allows you to view each field in ascending or descending order. The Avg Min/Wk column shows the average minutes per week the students were logged in to DreamBox. Total Hours shows the total time students were logged in over the selected time period. Extended Use tracks the percentage of DreamBox usage spent outside of school hours. Avg Lessons/Wk finds the average number of lessons completed per student per week. Total Lessons counts the total number of lessons completed during the time period. Growth represents the average proficiency gain of students across the entirety of the DreamBox curriculum, where 100% represents one grade level of growth. Standards Met finds the average number of new standards completed per student over the selected time frame.



(This tab is only available to district administrators when the district name is selected from the Navigation Pane.)

This report displays the relationship between usage and growth.


The scatter plot visualizes how often schools are using DreamBox and how much growth their students are seeing. If you have many schools or teachers represented, select a cluster to zoom in for more detail.


The table below the scatter plot displays average time spent on DreamBox, the proportion of time spent on DreamBox outside of school hours (Extended Use), the average number of lessons completed per week, and the average growth (where 100% represents one grade level) for all active students in the district for the selected time period. Each row is a school in the district. Columns in the table can be sorted by selecting a column header. To change the sorting order, select the up or down arrow.


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