Insight Dashboard Reporting - Classroom Level Reports


This report displays usage, progress, and proficiency data for all students in the selected classroom.


Using the date drop-down menu, you can choose to view data from Today, the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, a Custom date range, or from the Current School Year.


This table displays key usage and growth metrics for each student in your class over the selected date range. By default, students are organized by first name, but clicking the column headings allows you to view each field in ascending or descending order. The Min/Wk column shows the average minutes per week the student was logged in to DreamBox. Total Hours shows the total time the student was logged in over the selected time period. Lessons counts the total number of lessons completed during the time period. Standards Met counts the number of new standards a student has completely demonstrated understanding in over the selected time frame. Standards Progressed In tallies the number of standards students have begun working on lessons for but have not completely met. As long as they complete at least one lesson with demonstrated understanding, they are considered to have progressed in the aligned standard.

The Proficiency columns show the number of standards a student has completed per grade level out of the total number of standards DreamBox supports in that grade level. Because DreamBox is adaptive and non-linear, students can work on standards across multiple grade levels simultaneously. You may notice that the total standards in a grade level in DreamBox does not match the total standards in your local or Common Core objectives. While DreamBox aligns to many standards and prioritizes essential concepts, it does not currently support all standards.


This report is an activity feed of all of the lessons the students in a teacher’s class have completed or are currently completing. The feed starts with the most recent activity; scroll down to see work completed over previous days.

A green bar to the left of a lesson indicates that the lesson was completed, whether the student demonstrated proficiency or not. Along the bottom is the standard number of the lesson and a button to allow the teacher to play a demo of the lesson.


This report provides detailed information on how a teacher’s class is progressing against Common Core Standards, state standards, or DreamBox Learning Units. Be sure to select the appropriate Academic Standard from the Summary Pane.

There are two ways to visualize this report. You can switch between the two views using the drop-down menu located beneath the Standards tab.


This view separates students by progress in the selected domain and indicates how many standards in the domain they have completed.

You can select from all grade levels provided in the DreamBox curriculum. Select the grade level you'd like to learn more about to open several tabs for each domain in that grade level. The All Domains tab averages all standards/clusters for that grade level, but you can select a specific domain from the list of tabs. The number of standards in each domain may vary.

After selecting a domain tab, you can use the drop-down menu to focus on specific standards. With a standard selected, an Add Assignment button will appear that allows you to quickly assign lessons to students so they may progress in that standard. For more information on assignments, click HERE.

Students in the classroom will be organized in columns to easily view if they have Not Started working in the domain or standard, are In Progress (with number of standards completed over the total for the selected domain or the percentage of lessons complete for the selected standard), or have demonstrated Proficient understanding in the domain or standard. Hover over any student's name to view the specific list of standards they are proficient in for the selected domain. You can also click any student's name to view a detailed report of their growth within the standard. It is important to note that these averages are based on students' total DreamBox activity and NOT just during the current year.


The Grid View provides an at-a-glance view of student progress for all standards in the selected grade level.

Use the drop-down menu in the top-left to choose the grade level of the standards you wish to review.

You can change the sorting of the Grid View by clicking the up/down arrows on any column.


A green circle indicates that a student has fully met the standard. A half-blue circle indicates they are making progress in the standard. Hover over this icon to view the percentage of progress they have made in the standard. An orange caution symbol indicates they may be struggling in the standard and need additional attention. An empty circle indicates the student has not yet begun working in the standard.

Click the AssignFocus™ calendar icon  below any standard code in order to quickly create an assignment for that standard. You will be able to select which students will receive the assignment. For more information on assignments, click HERE.

Click anywhere on a student's row to jump to their individual Student Reports.

Click a domain code at the top of the table to view a description of the different standards in the domain.

You may sometimes see a green asterisk  below a standard code. This lets you know that we have recently added new lessons aligned to the standard that may have affected a student's proficiency status.

Note: As of December 16th, 2016, we have released new lessons that help students understand how to classify geometric figures. You may see the green asterisk icon below related standard codes. For more information, click HERE.


This report provides a detailed look at the average amount of time students in the classroom are spending in DreamBox and the average number of lessons they are completing. Green bars indicate the classroom is meeting or exceeding DreamBox's recommended usage targets and orange bars indicate the classroom's usage falls below the recommended minimums.

We recommend 60 minutes of DreamBox usage per week with at least eight lessons completed per week.


Here you can change between viewing data from the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, a Custom date range, or the Current School Year.


This chart displays the average minutes played in DreamBox over the selected time period. Hover over a bar to view the exact minutes for Extended Use, School Use, and Total Use.


This chart displays the average number of lessons completed over the selected time period. Hover over a bar to view the exact average number of lessons.


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