Understanding the Family Insight Dashboard

The Family Insight Dashboard allows you to track student progress in DreamBox, adjust your account settings, and assign lessons to your student(s).

Note: For quick information on the different tabs and features available to you, try turning on Help Mode Tips.



The Dashboard Toolbar is located at the top of the Insight Dashboard and is used to access help information and account settings. The Support link is a shortcut to our fully searchable support site. The Resources link is a shortcut to additional helpful parent resources. Use the Send Feedback link to provide us with comments, suggestions, or information on bugs you may have encountered. Click the Profile icon to open a drop-down menu that allows you to switch on/off Help Mode tips Account Settings to make changes to your subscription.


You can make the following changes to your DreamBox after selecting Account Settings from the Dashboard Toolbar:

    • Account Information – Edit your personal information, change your email address (you will still need access to your old email address to confirm the change), and manage your password.
    • Student Information – Add a Free Trial to your account, purchase a subscription for one or more students, upgrade to a family subscription, and view information on all of the students attached to your account.
    • My Subscription – Add a Free Trial, purchase a subscription, gift DreamBox to a friend, cancel your account, edit payment information, and review your order history.
    • Notification Preferences – Set how or if you receive notifications on your students and add email addresses you would like notifications sent to. You can enter up to five secondary email addresses in addition to your primary email address.


The Summary Pane is the light blue area just below the Dashboard Toolbar. It provides a quick glance at Growth and lesson completion information for the selected student. If you have multiple students, you can change the student you are viewing by clicking the currently selected student's name. You can also log in as the student so they can begin playing DreamBox by clicking Play DreamBox - Student Account.


The Reports Pane is located below the Summary Pane and contains the bulk of information on your student's DreamBox usage and progress. You can also assign specific lessons in this pane. Navigate the Reports Pane by selecting from a list of tabs. Listed below are the reports and features you can access in the Reports Pane.


This report provides a snapshot of student learning growth and activity within DreamBox Learning Math.

1) Date Drop-Down Menu

Using the date drop-down menu, you can choose to view data from Today, the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, or from the Current School Year.

2) Progress Since...

After selecting the date range, you can view student progress over that timeframe. Min/Week is the average minutes per week the student was logged in to DreamBox. Lessons lists the total number of lessons completed. Growth represents proficiency gained across the entirety of the DreamBox curriculum during the time period.

3) Proficiency As Of...

These columns show the student's current proficiency in each grade level. Proficiency data represents, against DreamBox Learning standards, the percent of learning objectives in which a student has demonstrated full understanding. For more detailed information in each of the displayed grade levels, select the Standards tab. Note that the percentage may occasionally change, as we are constantly producing lessons to meet new learning objectives.

4) Activity Feed

This is a list of recent lessons that the student has begun, organized by the date they were started and extending as far back as 30 days ago. A green bar to the left of a lesson indicates that the lesson was completed, whether or not the student demonstrated understanding. A grey bar indicates the lesson is still in progress. If the entire lesson box is shaded green, it means the student has completed all lessons in that concept group. You will also notice the standard number that the lesson addresses and a button to Play a Demo of the Lesson.


This report provides detailed information on how a student is progressing against DreamBox Learning standard units.

1) Grade Level Drop-Down Menu

This drop-down menu lets you select from all Grade levels supported in the DreamBox curriculum. You can view the overall proficiency percentage next to each menu item. Select the Grade level you'd like to learn more about. This will open several tables for each Standard/Area/Domain of the selected Grade level.

2) Select Focal Area or All Domains

To look at student proficiency and progress in specific domains , select the appropriate tab of from the table list. Just below the domain tabs is a drop-down menu to view proficiency in a precise standard.

It is important to note that these averages are based on students' total DreamBox activity and not just during the current year.


This report provides information on how much time a student is spending in DreamBox Learning Math per week and the number of lessons a student is completing per week. Green bars represent usage exceeding DreamBox's recommended targets, orange bars represent usage below the recommended minimums, and grey bars represent usage meeting the recommended targets.

1) Date Drop-Down Menu

Using the date drop-down menu, you can choose to view data from the Last 7 Days, the Last 30 Days, or from the Current School Year.

2) Minutes of DreamBox Usage

This chart visualizes minutes played in DreamBox over the set time period. Hover over a bar to view the precise Extended Use, School Use, and Total Use minutes. DreamBox recommends 60 minutes of DreamBox time per week to achieve demonstrable growth through the curriculum.

3) Lessons Completed

This chart tallies the total lessons played in DreamBox over the chosen time period. DreamBox recommends 8 or more lessons per week to achieve demonstrable growth through the curriculum.


AssignFocus™ allows you to assign your student specific lessons across all DreamBox standards. While it is recommended that DreamBox's Adaptive Learning Technology guide the student's learning path, you may wish to manually select assignments that your student requires additional practice with.

For detailed instructions on using AssignFocus™, click HERE.


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