Insight Dashboard Overview

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The Insight Dashboard is an intuitive interface to view progress reports and usage data of DreamBox students, to make manual edits to roster and student information, and to assign specific lessons to students using our new AssignFocus™ feature. The reports provide a comprehensive picture of students' proficiency in target academic standards so that educators can make informed decisions on how to support individual and classroom-level learning.


The Insight Dashboard is available to all school or district DreamBox administrators, teachers, parents, and home subscribers. The Administrator Insight Dashboard, Teacher Insight Dashboard, and Family Insight Dashboard are aesthetically identical, but some rights and reports are exclusive to certain roles.


The Insight Dashboard is separated by four (sometimes three) sections. Learn how to use all functions of the Insight Dashboard to best guide student learning. Click the names of the sections to view more information.

1) Dashboard Toolbar

The Dashboard Toolbar is the ribbon located at the very top of the Insight Dashboard. It is used to access help information and account settings. The drawer icon  is used to show and collapse the Navigation Pane. The Support link is a shortcut to our fully searchable support site. The Resources link is a shortcut to additional helpful teacher resources or parent resources. Home Subscribers also have a Send Feedback link to provide us with comments, complaints, or information on bugs they may have encountered. The drop-down menu on the far right allows you to switch on/off Help Mode tips or Log Out. Home Subscribers also use this menu to access Account Settings and make changes to their subscription.

2) Navigation Pane (school teachers and administrators only)

The Navigation Pane is a dark-blue column on the leftmost side of the Insight Dashboard. If you do not see this column, click the drawer icon  in the top-left corner of the Dashboard Toolbar. The Navigation Pane is used to select the object you want to view or edit in the Summary and Reports Panes. Administrators can view reports and make changes for the entire district, the entire school, an individual teacher, a classroom, or an individual student by filing down to the appropriate object in the Navigation Pane. Teachers can view reports and make changes to their own information, their classrooms, and their individual students. To return to the full list of objects available to you, click your name at the top of the Navigation Pane.

3) Summary Pane

The Summary Pane is the light-blue area just below the Dashboard Toolbar near the top of the dashboard. It provides a quick glance at lesson and standard completion information for the selected object. As a teacher or administrator, click Edit to enter Edit Mode, where you can make a variety of changes to roster and individual information in the Reports Pane. Click DreamBox Access Resources for your school's specific login information and an invitation letter for parents. Click DreamBox Learning Units or the currently-selected academic standard to change the academic standard that you view reports in. As a parent or home subscriber with multiple students, you can change the student you are viewing by clicking the student's name. You can also log in as the student so they can begin playing DreamBox by clicking Play DreamBox - Student Account.

4) Reports Pane

The Reports Pane contains all of the data and manipulable information on the Insight Dashboard. Navigate the Reports Pane by selecting from a list of tabs. The available information varies depending on the object selected from the Navigation Pane and whether or not you have activated Edit Mode from the Summary Pane. When viewing a classroom or student, the AssignFocus™ tab is available. If you are an administrator, teacher, or home subscriber, you can assign lessons to students. All users can view which assignments have been assigned and completed.


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