Icons in the K-2 Learning Environment

Yellow Lesson Icon indicates a recommended lesson. The number in the bottom-right corner is the lesson sequence number for that unit. This number will increase (or decrease) as the student progresses through the unit. The sequence numbers will not always be sequential. Students may jump ahead if they show a strong understanding or return to previous lessons if they could benefit from more practice.
Calendar Icon is added to lessons that have been assigned to the student by a teacher or home subscriber using AssignFocus™.

Green Icon indicates that the lesson has previously been completed. If a student chooses to play this lesson again, it will not be counted as a unique lesson in the student's Usage Report.

An Orange Tutorial Icon indicates that this lesson will teach students how to use one of our virtual manipulatives. A picture of the specific virtual manipulative appears inside the icon.

Backpacks hold the rewards that students earn as they play. By clicking on a backpack, students collect tokens, Adventure Friend cards, and story goals. Tokens can be used in the Arcade. Adventure Friend cards can be viewed in My House. The story goal points motivate students to play more maps and earn all six goals in a story. For each story completed, students earn a certificate that can be printed from My House.
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