How Educators Log In to DreamBox

We recommend that you sign in to your dashboard directly from your secure DreamBox school page or


You will receive a welcome email from DreamBox Learning after your teacher or administrator account is ready to use. To log in to your dashboard, click the link provided in the email. The Set/Reset password page opens. Type your password and click Save. We will ask for confirmation, and you will see a warning if your password security is weak. If you are comfortable with the security of your password, click Save. Your Teacher Insight Dashboard will open.

If you have not received your welcome email, follow the directions below in the Setting/Resetting Your Password section. If you still are not able to log in, please contact DreamBox Client Success

After you create a password the first time you log in, you can sign in to DreamBox from any computer or iPad using an internet browser. Note that you will not be able to log in to your dashboard using the DreamBox iPad app, which only allows students to play DreamBox.

1) Open a new web browser window and type either your school's DreamBox Internet address (click HERE for more information) or The school or general login page opens.

2) Type your email and password in the appropriate fields, and click Log In. Your dashboard opens.
NOTE: If DreamBox does not recognize your email after several attempts, please contact Client Success.


1) Open the general educator/parent login page at

2) Click Educator next to "Forgot your password?". The Forgot Your Password? page opens.

3) Type your email address and click Submit. DreamBox will send you a password reset email. The email contains a link from which you can set or reset your password and log in to your dashboard. 

 If you are not able to set/reset your password and log in, please contact DreamBox Client Success


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