Moving from the K-2 Learning Environment to the 3-5 Learning Environment

Newly added 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students automatically begin DreamBox in the 3-5 Learning Environment.

Students graduate from the K-2 Environment to the 3-5 Environment when they complete enough lessons in the 3rd Grade curriculum. When a student graduates, they watch a video that congratulates them on their progress, welcomes them to the 3-5 Environment, and provides a brief overview of the new environment to acclimate them to the differences in the layout, lesson selection, and navigation. Students progress through DreamBox based on their self-driven learning path, so each student may graduate at a different point in the school year. After a student has graduated to the 3-5 Environment, they cannot be reset to the K-2 Environment without resetting their grade level as well. The DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine guides all students in their optimal learning zone regardless of learning environment.

Need to manually graduate your students to the 3-5 Environment? Click HERE.

For more information on the 3-5 Environment lesson layout, click HERE.

​For more information on the 3-5 Environment navigation buttons, click HERE

For more information on incentives in the 3-5 Environment environment, click HERE.

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