How Students Can Lose Progress

If a student struggles with a lesson or concept they were previously proficient in, their progress in that lesson will reset so that the student can take these lessons again.

Educators may see this backwards movement in a student's Standards Report in the Insight Dashboard. When a student loses proficiency in a particular concept, they may start the week at 100% proficiency and end the week below 100%. After they revisit the lessons and demonstrate proficiency again, they will return to 100% Complete. Students who lose progress may be labeled with an orange icon  in the Insight Dashboard to indicate they need attention.

If a student loses progress, it is not typically cause for concern. In many cases, the student is being given an opportunity to review a concept they may have learned long ago but have not internalized. Additionally, students will be working in multiple concepts at the same time, so this review will not prevent them from continuing to make progress in other areas.

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