Preparing iPads to Run DreamBox: Tips for Schools


Students can play DreamBox on a desktop, laptop, or iPad and student progress will be synced across all devices. The DreamBox iPad apps for iPad mini and iPad version 2 and above (running iOS 6 and higher) supports one-to-one deployment, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPads, and shared iPads.

Be aware that the iPad apps allow students to play DreamBox, but teachers, administrators, and parents cannot access their dashboards from the apps. If you would like to sign in to your dashboard on an iPad, use the Safari web browser to navigate to your DreamBox school page or and sign in the same way you would sign in on a computer. ​


You can download the DreamBox Math iPad apps for free from the App Store. To download the app, follow the directions below. You will need to repeat this process on each of the iPads you will use during class.

1) On your iPad, tap the App Store icon  to open the App Store. The store opens.

2) Type "dreambox math" into the Search field, then tap the Search icon or Done. The store displays two DreamBox Math app icons: a green icon and a blue icon. You will want to install both DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue.

3) If this is the first time you have downloaded the app, tap Free. If you are updating app, tap Update. The app will download or update.

Important: We recommend installing both DreamBox Math apps. Our app is not like other apps on the apple marketplace. It contains unique, interactive content that covers 8+ years of math lessons. Over the past year, we have expanded the content in our app by over 200 lessons! As a result, we've had to split up our content into two different apps. Learn more about the app split.

*For administrators using Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems, please note that the DreamBox Math Green app will come in as an update of the original DreamBox Math app, while the DreamBox Math Blue app will need to be pushed out separately.


Note: If your school or district uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to access DreamBox, you will launch the DreamBox apps from your login portal in the Safari web browser the same way you access DreamBox from a computer.

After you have downloaded the apps, the next step is to sign in using your school code so the apps are ready for student use. After you have entered the school code once, you will not have to enter it again. You will need to repeat this process on each of the iPads you use during class. 

1) Tap the DreamBox Math Green app ​. The app opens to the Welcome screen.

2) Tap School and type your school code into the School Code field, and then click PLAY. Your DreamBox school page opens. (If you would like to enter a different school code, click BACK to return to the Welcome screen.)

Parents will walk through the same process to log their students in at home. They should tap School and enter the school code. They should not tap Parent. The Parent option is for paid home subscriptions only. 


The school code is accessed on your Insight Dashboard from your classroom's Summary Pane.

To open a classroom, click the drawer icon  in the top-left corner of the dashboard and select the name of the classroom you want to open from the Navigation Pane.

Click the DreamBox Access Resources button  in the Summary Pane.

A window opens, displaying your school's unique DreamBox URL, iPad school code, and parent invitation letters in English and Spanish.

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