Initial Placement and Assessment

The first time a student uses DreamBox, their Initial Placement Level determines their Initial Placement. As they use DreamBox, adaptive Assessment will progress them toward their optimal learning zone. Assessment will direct the student's learning path as long as they are actively using DreamBox. They will only return to a new Initial Placement if they have been away from DreamBox for several months.

The student's Initial Placement in DreamBox is set at the beginning of his or her current grade level the first time they start using DreamBox, according to the district's chosen academic standards. Teachers can select an earlier or later Initial Placement Level for the student if they are working outside of their school grade level. A student's initial placement allows DreamBox to begin calibrating to how the student works and learns.
If a student is away from DreamBox for six months or longer, they will return to Initial Placement in their currently selected Initial Placement Level. Students are only ever moved forward, not backward.
A teacher or administrator can edit a student's Initial Placement Level through the Insight Dashboard. Note: Changing a student's Initial Placement Level will only affect a student's Initial Placement if they have not already begun using DreamBox. For steps on editing a student's Initial Placement Level, please click HERE.
If you feel a student's Initial Placement needs to be reset after they have already begun using DreamBox, and the student cannot wait for adaptive assessment to find their optimal learning zone, please contact DreamBox Client Success at or by phone at 1 (877) 451-7845 ext. 3. We are available Monday through Friday from 5am to 5pm, PST.

Assessment in DreamBox is constantly occurring and progressing students through their optimal learning zone. With each click of the mouse, DreamBox observes 60 different assessment points, picking the next best lesson for the student based on how they answered previous lessons.

Please note that DreamBox considers grade levels to be milestones of achievement for the students, rather than defined placement levels. It is possible for a student to work on lessons spanning several grade levels or a grade level far beyond their school placement. The students' demonstrated proficiency will guide their learning paths, so they will not be constrained by grade levels.
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