Downloading or Updating the DreamBox Math iPad App

An important update to DreamBox Math iPad app is now available. As a result of our continuous expansion math content, our original app exceeds the Apple app size limit. Now when you update, a prompt to install two apps will appear - DreamBox Math Blue and DreamBox Math Green. To ensure that students playing DreamBox Math continue to benefit from the full DreamBox experience, be sure to update by installing both apps by June 30th, 2016. After this date, we will no longer support versions earlier than 5.0.


Once a student has logged in to DreamBox, the version running on the iPad can be found by tapping the Information (i) button in the bottom-left corner.


You can download the DreamBox Math iPad apps for free from the App Store. To download the app, follow the directions below. You will need to repeat this process on each of the iPads you will use during class.

1) On your iPad, tap the App Store icon  to open the App Store. The store opens.

2) Type "dreambox math" into the Search field, then tap the Search icon or Done. The store displays two DreamBox Math app icons: a green icon and a blue icon. You will want to install both DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue.

3) If this is the first time you have downloaded the app, tap Free. If you are updating app, tap Update. The app will download or update.

Important: We recommend installing both DreamBox Math apps. Our app is not like other apps on the apple marketplace. It contains unique, interactive content that covers 8+ years of math lessons. Over the past year, we have expanded the content in our app by over 200 lessons! As a result, we've had to split up our content into two different apps. Learn more about the app split.

*For administrators using Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems, please note that the DreamBox Math Green app will come in as an update of the original DreamBox Math app, while the DreamBox Math Blue app will need to be pushed out separately.


We are always striving to make the DreamBox experience better. You may find it convenient to set up automatic updates for our DreamBox Math apps.

Select Settings  on the iPad's home screen,then select  iTunes & App Store from the list on the left. On the right-hand side, tap the switch by Updates to enable automatic updates for all of your apps. The switch will be colored green when automatic updates is active.

From the iPad home screen, tap and hold one of the DreamBox Math apps    until it begins to shake and a small X appears in the top left corner of the app. Tap the to delete the app. You will need to do this for both apps.
When you are ready to reinstall the apps, repeat the steps for downloading the apps above.

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