How to Edit a Teacher's Name and Details

A teacher and their school/district administrators can edit their first name, last name, and assigned classrooms directly through the Insight Dashboard.

Note: Teacher email addresses cannot be edited manually on the Insight Dashboard. Please contact us at if a teacher's email address needs to be changed.


1) If you are the teacher, select your name from the Navigation Pane. If you are a district administrator, first select the school and then the name of the teacher you wish to edit.

2) Click the Edit button  in the Summary Pane.

  • To edit the teacher's name, click the fields under First Name and Last Name.
  • You can view the list of classrooms currently assigned to the teacher under Classrooms. Click the trashcan icon next to a classroom name to remove the teacher from the classroom. Each teacher must have at least one classroom assigned to them.
  • To add the teacher to a classroom, use the Select a school and Select a classroom drop-down menus to locate the classroom, then click Add to Classroom.

3) Click the green Save button to save your changes and click Exit to return to the teacher's Classes page. If you click Exit without saving, you will discard any changes you made.


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