AssignFocus™ - How to Create and Manage Assignments (Parents and Home Subscribers)

AssignFocus™ is a great way to help you guide student learning! This tool enables teachers and home subscribers to give students up to two assignments at a time from across all DreamBox standards.

Note: Parents of students with school accounts will not be able to create or cancel assignments. For any concerns about an assignment, please contact your student's teacher.

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AssignFocus™ FAQ


After logging in to your Parent Dashboard, you can create an assignment for any student under your account. If you have multiple students, be sure to select the correct student by following the instructions HERE.

1) With the correct student selected, click the AssignFocus™ tab from the Reports Pane.

2) Click Add Assignment to create a new assignment.

3) Select whether you wish to create a Short-Term Assignment or a Long-Term Assignment.

4) Select the Assignment Duration. Short-Term Assignments can be set for one to two weeks and Long-Term Assignments can be set for two to ten weeks. Both types of assignments can end before the selected duration for one of the following reasons:

  • You choose to cancel the assignment.
  • The student completes the lessons. (Short-Term Assignment)
  • The student demonstrates proficiency in the standard. (Long-Term Assignment)
  • The student completes the three earliest lessons in the assigned standard with no demonstrated understanding. (Long-Term Assignment)

5) Select the Grade level and Domain from the drop-down menus and then select the Standard the assignment will address.

6) Review the description of the standard and click Just Started LessonIn-Progress Lesson, or Review Lesson if you would like to preview the different lessons that the standard includes. The student's current progress through the standard will also be listed here.

7) Click Add Assignment  in the top-right corner of the dashboard to save the new assignment.

Note: You may be unable to add an assignment if one of the following is true:

  • The student already has two assignments.
  • The student already has an active assignment in the selected standard.
  • The student is in the K-2 Learning Environment but the standard is only available in the 3-5 Learning Environment.
  • The student is already proficient in the standard. Short-Term Assignments can still be created for the standard for review, but Long-Term Assignments cannot.


An assignment can be cancelled at any time after it is created.

1) With the correct student selected, click the AssignFocus tab from the Reports Pane.

2) Locate the assignment and click Cancel on the right side of the assignment card.


Both Home Subscribers and parents of students with school accounts can view a student's current and past assignments to help guide their student's learning. If you have multiple students, be sure to select the correct student by following the instructions HERE.

1) With the correct student selected, click the AssignFocus™ tab from the Reports Pane.

2) All current open assignments are listed first, with the following information:

  • The standard name/code
  • A description of the standard
  • The type of assignment (Short-Term or Long-Term) and the completion status (Not Started or In-Progress)
  • The educator who assigned it
  • The duration of time the student has spent on it
  • The Lesson Type the student received (Just Started, Progressing, Review)
  • The number of lessons completed (for Short-Term Assignments, a green checkmark indicates the lesson was completed with Demonstrated Understanding and a grey checkmark indicates it was completed with No Demonstrated Understanding)

3) Click Cancel on any current assignment to end the assignment. (Home Subscribers only)

4) Below the current assignments are the student's past assignments. By default, these are organized by assignment date, but you can click the column headers to re-sort the list. Check or uncheck the Short-Term Assignments and Long-Term Assignments to filter by the respective assignment types.

5) On a Short-Term Assignment, click More to view more details of the assignment's lessons.

6) On a Long-Term Assignment, click View to view the student's detailed Progress Report for the assignment. For information on how to read this report, click HERE.

7) Click Export  in the top-right corner of the Reports Pane to download the student's assignment history as a CSV spreadsheet.



As soon as an assignment is created, students will be able to view the assigned lesson and work on it in their Learning Environment. Note that students still have the option to select other lessons based on their adaptive learning path. If you wish for them to focus on their assignments, please communicate with them the importance of completing the lessons highlighted with special blue icons.

Lessons for a Short-Term Assignment have the following blue star icon:

Lessons for a Long-Term Assignment have the following blue calendar icon:

Grades K-2 Learning Environment

Grades 3+ Environments


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