How Students Log in to DreamBox on an iPad (School Account)

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There are two different ways to log in to DreamBox on an iPad depending on whether or not your school uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) portal (i.e. Clever Instant Login).

Click the image above to watch a video with instructions on logging in to DreamBox on an iPad.

Logging In Using a Single Sign-On Portal

1) Make sure that the DreamBox Math app is downloaded on the iPad.

2) Open your browser app.

3) Navigate to your school district portal and log in using your Single Sign-On information.

4) Select the DreamBox Learning icon image.png in order to launch the DreamBox app.

5) The DreamBox Math app will open with the student automatically logged in.

Logging In Using your DreamBox School Code

If you do not use a Single Sign-On portal, students will sign in to DreamBox using a unique school code and their DreamBox username and password.

1) Open the DreamBox Math app.

2) From the "Welcome" screen, select School. Note that if the student is accessing their school account from home, they will still select School.


3) Enter your school's unique school code and tap PLAY. Note that you will only have to enter this code once for each device unless the app is deleted. If you are a teacher and need help locating your school code, click HERE.

Note: If you are in a district that uses Single Sign-On as the only login method, you may not see the school code information in this info pane.


4) To log in, students can enter their 5-digit numeric classroom code given to them by their teacher if their classroom uses picture passwords, or students using text passwords can enter their username and password.

Note: Classroom codes were implemented as an additional authentication layer to our login process to protect our users. We value our students' security and privacy, so it is not possible to save a classroom code or password. This greatly minimizes the risk that a student or teacher account can be accessed by an unauthorized user, especially through a shared device or by someone outside of school.


5) Students using picture passwords will now be able to select their student avatar and then tap their picture password.



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