How Students Log in to DreamBox on a Computer (School Account)

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Before a student can begin learning with DreamBox, they need to log in to their account. A student's login method will depend on your school's preferences. If your school uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) portal, such as Clever, students will log in to DreamBox by accessing your school's portal. Otherwise, your school will have a unique DreamBox website address that students will use to log in to DreamBox.

Note: The steps below are for students using computers or laptops. For iPad instructions, click HERE.

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Click the image above to watch a video with instructions on logging in to DreamBox on a computer.


Logging In Using a Single Sign-On Portal

1) Open an internet browser on your student's computer or laptop.

2) Navigate to your school district portal and log in using your student's Single Sign-On information. This information is set up by your school or district, so please contact your IT department if you have difficulty with your student's login credentials.

3) In your school district portal, select the DreamBox Learning icon image.png.

4) DreamBox will open with the student automatically logged in.

Logging In Using the DreamBox School URL

1) Open an internet browser on your student's computer or laptop.

2) Navigate to your school's unique DreamBox login web address (URL).

  • Teachers: If you do not know your school's URL, you can find it at the bottom of the Roster Management section in your Insight Dashboard. You or your IT department may also set this bookmark for your students.

  • Families: You should have received login instructions from your student's teacher, including the school URL, school code, and classroom code (if needed). If you do not have this information please reach out directly to your school. 

3) The school DreamBox login page will open. This page may look different depending on how your school has set up student passwords.

  • If all classrooms in your school are set to Text Password, you will see the student Username and Password fields.

  • If any classrooms have picture passwords, you will see a different view. The teacher/parent Email and Password fields will be at the top-right of the page, but students will log in with their 5-digit numeric classroom code if they have a Picture Password, or with their username and password if they have a Text Password.


  • Students with a Text Password will automatically be logged in with their username and password. Students with a Picture Password will also need to select their student avatar.


  • After selecting their avatar, students will select their Picture Password from the nine options.


Where Can I Find a Classroom Code?

Teachers can find the classroom code at the bottom of the Roster Management section of their Home Page in the Insight Dashboard. 


Teachers can also find classroom codes on a student's login card. Teachers can access and print login cards from the top of the Roster Management section.


Administrators can access a list of classroom codes from a button in the upper right corner of the Reports Page.


Administrators with access to only one school will see the button when they open the page. District-level administrators or administrators with access to more than one school will need to select a school from the School drop-down first. 

School Families 
Parents/guardians should receive information from their school with the relevant login details, including classroom code if needed. 


Tips To Help Students Log In

Save your DreamBox login page as a Bookmark or Desktop Shortcut

To make it easier for students to reach their login page, consider saving the website address as a bookmark on your internet browser or as a shortcut on the computer desktop. For additional information on creating a bookmark or shortcut, click HERE.

Note: Classroom codes were implemented as an additional authentication layer to our login process to protect our users. We value our students' security and privacy, so it is not possible to save a classroom code or password. This greatly minimizes the risk that a student or teacher account can be accessed by an unauthorized user, especially through a shared device or by someone outside of school.

Decide if your Classroom should use Text Passwords or Picture Passwords

In general, we recommend that older students use Text Passwords. They may discover they can log in to each other's accounts by randomly guessing Picture Passwords. Younger students or students with special needs may have difficulty remembering usernames and passwords, so they may benefit from Picture Passwords.

You can switch your classroom from Text Passwords to Picture Passwords and vice versa at any time from your Insight Dashboard. For instructions, click HERE.

Review your students' usernames and passwords

Teachers can view students' usernames and passwords in the Insight Dashboard. If a student is receiving a login error, they may be entering the incorrect username or password.

To view student login information, first, log in to your Insight Dashboard and select Home from the top navigation bar.  


When the Home Page opens, select the classroom you wish to view from the Classroom drop-down and scroll down the page until you see the Roster Management section. 

If you need to edit your students' information, teachers can click Settings from the top navigation bar and choose the Roster tab. Select the name of the classroom you would like to view in the Select a Class drop-down.  When your adjustments are complete, click Update to finalize any changes. If you find you are unable to make these changes, please contact your IT administrator to determine your educator permissions in alignment with your school or district's roster management security practices.

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